1 April 2017

Poppy Helen Brown was born at 34 weeks weighing 3 pounds, 9 oz.  As her parents, Owen & Stacy suffered with her through the roller coaster ride of 4 long weeks in the NICU.  The heartache that parents feel when they must go home and leave their tiny baby in others’ care on a nightly basis is indescribable.  At the time when Poppy was born, Owen & Stacy had no idea just how many families are affected by infant loss and premature birth every year.  Join us as we raise money to promote awareness of prematurity, infant loss, and birth defects so that less families will have to know the pain of losing a child or leaving a baby in the NICU to be cared for by others. Click here to contribute!

A $15 donation to the March of Dimes is suggested and would be greatly appreciated for all athletes participating.

Each year 333 babies in Colorado die before reaching their first birthday. Here is a workout in honor of them.

33 Air Squats (Goblet Squats)
33 Pushups (HSPU)
33 Situps
33 Ring Rows (Pullups)
33 Box Step Ups (Box Jumps)
33 Lunges (DB Lunges)
33 Burpees
33 KB Swings
33 Mountain Climbers (Toes-to-Bar)
33 DB Push Press
300m Run

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