31 December 2017

Open from 9-11am

Let’s say goodbye to 2017 the right way! Come test maxes, test benchmarks, or just do a workout. There will be a WOD (below) for those that want to do that. Otherwise, try testing any of the lifts or achieving goals that you set in 2017. Gather your friends, send out the bat signal, and send this year out with a bang!

Workout of the Day (optional)
Workout start times: 9:15am, 9:45am, 10:15am

With a continuously running clock complete:

A. At 3, 2, 1, go (0:00 on the clock)…
For max load, in 3 minutes: 5 Cleans
Score = Sum total weight of all 5 successful lifts.

B. At 5:00 minute mark…
For Max Reps: 30s Front Squats (61/43)
Bar starts on the ground.
Score = total reps achieved in the 30s window

C. At the 8:00 minute mark…
For Max Calories: 3 minute Row

D. At the 14:00 minute mark…
For Time:
40 Wall Ball (20/14)
40 Situps
30 Wall Ball
30 Situps
20 Wall Ball
20 Situps

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